Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'm a namer. If I love you, you have a nickname. It's just what my people do. "Mia" is a nickname. It's not my 'real' name at all, but there are people in my own family who can't tell you what my given name is. That includes my grandma.

My older brother is, now and always, "Runt". Baby brother? Jay Bird. I'd also like you to meet Hannie, Babe, Whitey, PJ, and Moose. Seriously. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

My husband is Rico. Tommy is Tom-T, Tomster, and Tamale. Scotty is Scooter, Scottness Monster, and Scott-Man. I often refer to Scotty as "Sweet Scott". Look. He's four. He's...a beast much of the time. But there is truly something so sweet about this boy. He is just love. He brought Daddy a blanket, and told him he wanted him to feel "cozy". Swoon!

He unpacked a bunch of apples from our apple adventure and lined them up neatly in rows. Then he spent about 15 minutes 'counting' them. He'd touch every second or third apple, announce the number, and then finish up with a flare and a grin. "5, 7, 8, 80, 90, 16, 16, 19, 4, 5, 6."

"How many apples are there, Scottness?"
Cheeky grin. "Five!!"
"Good job."

Then he spent some time putting them back into a box.

Then he unpacked them, and counted them.

Then he put them back into a box.

It's too much cuteness.

I can look at these pictures and almost forget the cringe-inducing slam each apple took on the way in and out of the box. "Please don't bruise the apples!"

Slam. Drop. Slam.

"Please!! Don't drop them! Gentle! Gentle."

"Okay!" he would cheerfully agree... and then slam, drop, slam.

*sigh* Scottness Monster indeed!


  1. What is it about 4-year-olds? You should see the way C. plays with his little brother. Scary! But R. eats it up. Luckily.

  2. Bruised apples but wonderful memories when he is all grown up. You have me curious, what is your real name?

  3. I think family nicknames are great! I wouldn't go by any other name when around family and friends. Additionally, Poopsie, Tweetie Bird, Timbo, Hony can be added to the nickname list. I'm not 100% sure, but I think you may answer to Ann Marie??? Moose

  4. Moose ~ Oh gosh. Porky, Chipper, Punky? I mean, this list GOES ON! I was just thinking that even the nicknames have nicknames! "Tweetie Bird" calls me "Meena" and my best friend calls me "Mimi". Isn't that funny? And yes, you are THIS close. :) You can let Aunt Betty know that my given name is Anamarie. But I don't answer to it. No way. Say you were trying to save me from a burning building by yelling, "Anamarie! Run! Anamarie, this way!" I would perish, I assure you. There is zero connection between me and that name!

    Miss P ~ I was just thinking about you last night! Are you still thinking about moving? My kids are so rough with the 'sibling-ness' of it all that I just can't hardly see straight! It's like Scotty is an apple and I'm running around going, "Gentle! Don't bruise him!" and Scotty is laughing and poking and egging him on! lol