Friday, June 1, 2012

"I'm Order, You're Chaos" ~ Erik to Me, Everyday

 I bought this book, because Tommy is entering middle school next year (the hell?) and he goes to Montessori schools, which means he's in charge of his own learning and project management, to a large extent. We've been all over him about his (blackhole of a) backpack, his (missing) baseball equipment, his (disgusting) desk, and his general (perplexing) lack of time management.
Son, really, I mean, what is wrong with you?

 But then I did some cooking.

And I "cleaned" my backyard.

And I thought to myself....I don't know, maybe I do know what is wrong him.

Great book, by the way.


  1. You know Mia, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. I got a nice chucle from the pictures! Moose

  2. Mia, I am so happy Moose told me you were blogging again. I missed my morning smile:-). How can Tommy be heading to Middle School? Years seem to be going faster than they used to. Glad you are back!!! Aunt Betty