Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black Thumbs

 Front yard
Side yard

Geraniums aren't fancy (neither am I)...they are a bloom-where-you're-planted kind of friend (so am I)....You can't kill them. And? If you do? If you do, they are a break-off-a-piece-and-start-over kind of cat (as am I).

There are dozens of geraniums, in various stages of transplant and growth, around my yard. I think 90% of them are offshoots from the pink and red trailing variety that have lived for 4 years in the giant pot next to a raised veggie bed in my backyard.

I love them because they were Grandma Mary's favorite flower. She had a bit of a black thumb. "I kill them with kindness," is what she would tell us, as she watered everything in her death. But geraniums don't mind if you over water them. Or under water them. Or anything else. They will produce (and reproduce) their happy little blossoms until time out of mind.

Really now....I kind of love them.


  1. I like them, too, although there were a few years that I scorned them. The smell of them is one of my strong scent memories because there was a forest of them in our side yard growing up. We would play there surrounded by that smell.

    Here's another geranium that you need--geranium maderense! Huge mound of green with giant leaves. When it blooms it has a giant ball of magenta pink flowers on top. If Dr. Seuss invented a geranium, this is the one!

    1. Ha! i think i was leaving a comment on your blog at the exact moment you were here lmao

      as for a dr seuss geranium? i'm on that shiz. today. xoxo

      ps look i fixed it! i can comment :)