Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fresh Start, Part I

Some time ago, Tommy started sleeping on the floor in Scotty's room. I don't know. It made me kind of sad to see him there, in a blanket, on the floor every night.

So I ended up moving Scotty's bed into Tommy's room. I guess that was sometime in December, and it's working out great since I started the purging and cleaning and reorganizing this month with the start of the new year.

The computer desk is still there. The two beds are each against a wall, as shown in the picture above. And there are two other corners in the houses this lego extravaganza. Please marvel at the wonder that is these legos. TWO full days and FOUR evenings of my life spent sorting something akin to 4 million tiny plastic pieces. A bucket of grey, a bucket of white, a bucket of mixed colors, a bucket of black. Animals, vehicles, people, and accessories. Each got it's own compartment. And I would be bitter and petty, you can believe that about me, were it not for the fact that my Tommy adores this set up. He plays with the legos constantly, keeps them fairly organized, and never seems to get over the fact that he can find any tiny piece from any random set at any given time. All worth it.

The other corner has a very packed bookshelf. Perhaps you can explain to me why we can never find one of our three copies of Green Eggs and Ham?

Now that the beds are together, we put Scotty in his bed and Tommy in his for the bedtime rituals and story reading. When we go to bed, of course we can't resist checking on them. This is how we usually find them. Sometime in the next few hours, they both tend to find their way into our bed. Often, we wake up wrapped around them, nursing backaches and needles and pins in in our sleepy arms and legs, despite treating ourselves to a $3000 mattress last year. Occassionally, I'll wake up on the couch to find Erik sleeping on the couch across from me, and both the kids asleep in our bed.

I'm sure I'll miss that, some day?


  1. thank god we are not alone in this couch sleepin phase and that I finally got this stinking url to work.

  2. That's wonderful that Tommy WANTS to share a room with Scotty! Just think, if that lasts you can convert the spare bedroom into something.