Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Motivation.....

It's the New Year. Oh, how I love the New Year! IdoIdoIdo! Everything about it. I feel so motivated and hopeful.

I have big plans, and today was to be the start with lots of purging and organizing. I love a freshly reorganized closet!

Sadly, I'm all hopped up on painkillers and penicillin at the moment, thanks to a dental procedure gone awry, and it's slowly sapping my get up and go.

Also not helping?

Certain Individuals who have figured out how to use open drawers as a staircase to the top shelf of a closet where Certain Things are hidden out of his reach and you may, legitimately, be wondering how long he had been gone before it occurred to anybody that he should be checked on. Because that's a lot of work he got done, and though he moves fast, the truth is this reflects more on my one-track-mind than on his naughtiness. *sigh* Time out, clean up, knock it off!

But not to worry, I'm going to bang out an hour or two this evening, then a couple more tomorrow, and hopefully then I'll be feeling well enough to go full throttle on a few other projects.

One thing I want to do is sew some of these for me. I made these for a few friends for Christmas. They are re-usable grocery bags that I repurposed some thrifted pillow cases for. They were so easy to make! And really kind of fun, too. I love the little bias tape on the top one, but I also quite like the size on the bottom one. I was experimenting with different styles, because I was kind of making it up as I went along. I think the top style is my favorite, but even when I make my own I'll definitely do several different kinds, just because I like a little variety. These are easy to keep in the trunk of the car, and then you can stop at any store and forego the plastic bags.

Because they're made of cotton, they're really great for fresh fruits and veggies from the farmer's market too.

There! And, besides attaching the bias tape, it's literally two cuts, two seams, and sewing two additional straight lines to make the bottom flat. That's my kind of sewing project, believe it.

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