Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've been making a lot this week. My friend has two kids, and they both had birthdays last week. Her son turned 2 and her daughter turned 5. There was a big party where Scotty made the birthday girl cry by licking her cake. Sorry.

Anyway, I made little Devan a cape and it was so dang cute. You'll have to trust me because I have a bad habit of sending things off to their new homes without taking pictures. I used the cape pattern in Stitched in Time and it was fantastically easy and fast to do. I think it took about 30 minutes, start to finish. I couldn't drive to the store and back in that amount of time!

I used a beautiful dark aqua of Kona cotton fabric. Instead of a monogram, I used iron-on fabric paper and I found an image online of Speed McQueen (his favorite!) which I printed onto the fabric from my color inkjet printer. Unless there's some sort of copyright infringement issue with that, in which case, I have no idea what you're talking about. Also printed onto the iron-on fabric, in bold red letters, was "Super D", which I just did using my word processor. Cut it all out, ironed it all on. Two rows of thick red rick-rack (sp?) and a white flannel lining later and BAM! Cape is made.
For Cassidy, I made her this adorable little tote. (Photo credit and pattern both Melissa Majewski) Instead of a flower, I made a hot pink heart from this pattern and sewed it right on there. I lined it with a sweet fabric that had a white background and dark pink mod fowers and stars.

How beautiful is this picture??? (Photo credit and pattern from Creativeyarn)

I made it with a light pink cotton for the 'chains' and a white cotton flower with a dark pink button in the center.

I tucked the necklace into the tote with a stuffed bear and bunny (free pattern from here). It's really easy, unless you're me, in which case you will spend 80% of the 2 hours it takes you to make them yelling at knots in your embroidery thread. Another 10% of the 2 hours will find you trying to thread the needle. Everything else is cake.


  1. Are you not working anymore?? Because where do you find the time? I can barely take a shower each day - and you are cooking and crafting. *heavy sigh*

  2. I have no clue how people learn to knit. It's like magic to me. My friend Kate knits really cool things and she promised to make Rowdy a sweater with an "R" on the back and she still hasn't. I think you need to harass her.


  3. oh man. The licking? Made me laugh out loud.

  4. Tra ~ I craft when I should be showering.

    Susan ~ You know I tried! I really like her blog, as you can imagine...oh dear, another addiction!

    Brit ~ You always laugh at my pain. It's like the very definition of true friendship! :P

    And an update: Miss Cassidy loved her presents! When she opened the tote, she said, "I didn't know made *purses* too!" Which just cracked me up, because I've made Cassidy many things over the years. She brought it with her when she went out, so she could 'put candy in it'. *sigh* A girl after my own heart!