Wednesday, February 25, 2009

:: Pillow ::

Little Miss Maddie is totally my buddy. Her mom is one one of my dearest friends, and Maddie stole my heart the moment I met her, over eleven years ago.

She's a 'young lady' now, and her mom recently gave her room a tween-update. She painted the walls an apple green, and brightened the trim with fresh white. Her bedding is fresh black background with big white polka dots. It's so sweet!

She came over a week ago and picked out a design from Doodle-Stitching. She picked the 'mod napkin' project, which is a graphic set of circles in aqua and red. We switched it up to green and black, and I worked on the embroidering this last weekend. I made a pillow cover out of a cozy black and white flannel, and pieced the embroidered panel to the front.

I think it turned out adorable. I left it on her porch this afternoon. I used to love to do that when I was little. Did you ever do that on May Day? My mom used to help me make little cones out of paper, and I would pick flowers from the field behind our house (or, more scandalously, from neighbors' yards) and I'd hang them on door knobs in our neighborhood. Then I'd run away. So fun! It's like sanctioned doorbell ditch.

Wouldn't it be a blast to make some of these and use them to continue such a sweet tradition? I think I'll do that with my boys.

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