Thursday, April 2, 2009


Round two! After all the bulbs prematurely sprouted and bloomed during a January 'heat wave', I was lucky enough to get a second round. These hyacinth are growing in a large pot under the living room window. They are what I get to look at when I am fumbling with keys, bags, and two wily boys at the front stoop. Don't they just make the whole struggle so much more pleasurable?

And now that it's staying lighter ~ and warmer ~ later, we've been playing outside more. Whereas I like to putter around in the garden, watering and weeding and basking in the blooms, certain people would rather do 'battle' to protect their 'castle'. As mama-to-boys, there's got to be room for both!

Here is my view, as I was cornered, during a particularly jubilant victory for the castle knights!

Oh, and why can't every night be baseball and ice cream night?? We're so glad we got to spend an evening with Moose and Kelly. Thanks for making the long drive!! Tommy won't rest until there's another slumber party, but until then we'll treasure our (shorter) visits!


  1. Kelly and I had a great time. I remember being a more serious little leaguer- at least I think so. Anyway, it brought back fond memories. Alot of my fond memories are related to baseball. Moose

  2. Alot of my fondest memories are ones spent at the Little League Park as a mother not a player. I was surprised how both my boys were the best players on the field!!

  3. Betty ~ HA! Funny how that happens?! ;)