Monday, April 27, 2009

Three In One

I think if I live to be 100 years old, I will never forget Tommy, tonight, at his baseball game. This is his first year, and he's got so much potential; almost all of it unrealized!

And I so did not want to be there. It was bitter cold, with high winds. Last Monday? It was 90 degrees F. This Monday? 55. It was overcast, and blustery. Not in a cute, Winnie the Pooh kind of way, either, just in a gusting and gale kind of way. Erik was at band practice, so I had to wrangle Scotty the whole time too. My hands were like popsicles. More than once I thought about how miserable I was; and then I let it go, time and again, because if my Daddy taught me anything about life (and he has), it's that misery is optional.

So there I was, trying to talk myself into some kind of Taoist's meditative state ("be the cold") ("embrace the wind") when Tommy, playing third base (as a pirouetting pirate the first half of the inning) suddenly caught a pop fly AND, AND, amazingly, had the presence of mind to then fire the ball to second base, somehow finally internalizing that the runner would have to tag up before running on the pop-out. I was so proud of him! And a double play! It was such a big deal!

And the next batter? Popped-up? Right to 3rd base? And Tommy caught it! Again! All three outs, he got them all, right in a row!

He was jumping all around, everybody was cheering him, and they all attacked him the dug out, with high-fives and man-hugs all around.

*sigh* Good times.


  1. Wow!!!! How exciting! I hope C. and R. show some sign of athletic prowess because I know it can be so wonderful. Congrats to Tommy!

  2. WOW!! how exciting! I bet at that moment the weather didn't matter at all. What a great inning for Tommy. This will be a memory you will never forget. I always wondered (while sitting in the stands watching my boys) why Little League baseball was the coldest time of the year? Trust me Mia you will remember the games not how you froze:)

  3. NICE JOB TOMMY! Here's a high five through the blog comments. Last night the Giant's beat the Dodgers. I fell asleep and didn't hear the post game wrap, but I did hear it on the midnight replay- 3am. Mia, I think Scotty would love to learn the drums on Monday nights! Moose

  4. Yay!!! Tommy and I read these together tonight, and he was so excited! Have you ever seen a puppy wag its tail so hard that it looks like it's going to turn inside out? Yeah. It's good! :)

  5. House cleaning tips? Bahahahaha!!!!

    Some crazy mama with a clean house once told me to check-out It's on my "to do" list. :0

    Tommy Rocks!