Monday, April 6, 2009


Erik sent me a link to this....this....this amazing crocheted blanket. You can see more pictures here, including detailed close ups of each panel.

I am seriously wasting my life, if I'm not creating art that is this joyful, and this devoted. This thing makes my eyes water!

She documents the whole process on her blog, and links to the blanket (parts 1 - 4) are in the side bar. She uses tunisian crochet, which I learned how to do last summer. It's a lovely, perfectly square stitch. I made a scarf from some goat wool/silk blend my mom brought back from Wyoming using the tunisian process. The color change looks tricky; it's really no small thing that she did here!

A couple of years ago, I told Tommy that I would make him a hat, and he requested "A Pokeball hat,with a Master Ball on it." Ooooo-kayyyyy. Anyway, I knitted the hat in a dark green yarn using garter stitch. This was long before I learned how to knit in the round using double points, so I knitted a long rectangle, stitched up the back as a seam, and then ran a piece of yarn through the top row of stitches and pulled tight to close it all off. Then, working only off a picture, I fashioned a Master Ball and used purple, black, white and pink felt to make this...thing that you see here. Then I used a blanket stitch and black embroidery floss to sew it to the front of the hat. Tommy loved that thing! We'll have to dig it up, but I'm amazed that it's survived that last two winters in tact.

When I made that hat, I remember telling Erik that it might be the single most creative thing I'd ever done. In that, I didn't follow a pattern, and I made it completely from scratch. I was so dang proud of that hat!

But this blanket. This blanket is perfect. I think I might make one. (For Erik, but don't tell him.) Before I read her blog, I was kind of tripping out on how she made the pictures. I thought, what, did she just single crochet and then cross stitch it onto the top? It looked way too
clean and perfect for that, and the tunisian crochet she used is absolutely the only explanation for how righteous this thing is. But here's the conversation at our house this morning:

Erik: It should be easy to do, right?
Me: Wrong.
Erik: I've always said that crochet is the perfect medium for this type of project.
Me: What are you talking about?
Erik: You know, all the squares, it really lends should be pretty.... um.... easy.
Me: Are you trying to expert on me about crochet?
Me: Good. Because you have no idea what kind of creative genius it took to recreate these screen shots, down to the last perfectly formed pixel, using only yarn and a crochet hook.

Just trying to re-create something like this will require 90% of my brain capacity, let alone what it took to create it from thin air. It's mind boggling!


  1. Man, I LOVE it when other people tell me how easy something is going to be for me to know with all my spare time and brain cells.

    In ten years I think we should plan a Flying Pig Half Marathon meet up in Cinncinati, also Juls can do the full if she needs to show off like that

  2. My mom was asked by one of my cousin's boys to make an R2D2 hat! It came out really cute and I was amazed that she could figure out the details that made it look like R2D2. Wish I had a picture, I would send it! BTW, I LOVE the pictures you took of Moose and Tommy! They came out really cute.

  3. Brit ~ Right??? Also, I think 10 years should be enough time. Hopefully Juls will be slower and we'll be faster and we'll all meet in the middle. haha

    Kelly ~ Tommy and I were looking at the pictures this morning and he was so excited! "Are people looking at me, right now?" Haha! I love those pictures. He and Moose are just like peas and carrots...and how much do I love that you're referring to him as "Moose"

    Susan ~ You should show your friend...maybe she could knit Rowdy a doggy sweater with the Mona Lisa imprinted on the back?