Monday, January 11, 2010


As I moved through the living room today, collecting dirty socks (why? why are boys so smelly?) and video games and library books and backpacks, I'm interrupted by a call from the kitchen.

"Mom! Mom! Can we have some blankets?"

Yes, but not the ones off the beds. "I don't want to remake the beds, joker!"

Yes, ma'am! comes the earnest reply, and then there's a flurry of chairs scraping and orders barked and bam! Now we have matching forts.

There's a bit of a ruckus as light sabers and swords are divvied out, but in the end, they're settled down and BIG HAPPENINGS are underway in the shanty town they've erected in our kitchen.

Some time later, they've dispersed to the back of the house and Scotty reappears with Tommy coaching him from the bedroom: "Tell her we need tape! I need some tape!"

We have a strict don't ask, don't tell policy on Boy Shenanigans, so I reached into my Bottomless Bag and tossed Scotty some scotch tape. "Have fun, buddy."

Aye-aye, Captain! comes the earnest reply, and then this amazing contraption comes tearing around the corner. My old point-and-shoot digital camera was bequeathed to the boys when I got my new Nikon. Tommy had taped it to the front of the remote control car he got on Christmas, and it was on and set to video while it tore through each room in the house!

Awesome. I just love these guys.


  1. Ahhh! Memories of Porky, Hony and I building "elaborate" forts in Grams's backyard in Oakland. We spent all day constructing and having fun. Moose

  2. I love it!!! Those boys are genius'. Tape a camera to a remote control car and video away. How fun is that??

  3. I remember doing that!!

  4. Hi Mia,oh the fun of making 'camps'. I bought a load of sheets from the op shop for Mills, that way the bedding stays on the beds. The car/camaera set up is brilliant.
    Have a good day.

    Pippa xx

  5. I totally remember doing this too! I remember using couch cushions, though. That's an awesome memory, Moose. I drove by that house not long ago, and I couldn't believe how TINY it is from the street! It never seemed small to me, at all. :)

    I'm going to steal your tip, Pippa, and get some thrift store blankets or sheets for them to 'build' to their hearts' content!

    Oh, and Betty, you'll love this, Tommy told me, "I was going to use it to spy on you, but then I thought...naahhhhh." haha!

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