Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was taking Scotty to my mom's house this morning, before heading over to work, and I was just totally reveling in my fantastically unrestrained good mood, when I realized that there was blue sky! And that the sun was shining!  My eyes!  My eyes!  I felt like a mole, blinking into the bright light.  It was so GLORIOUS!  Right up until I drove into a fog bank that lasted all the way to my mom's house.  Dannick!  (This, by the way, is how Scotty swears.  He thinks he's saying "dammit"!  In fact, tonight, while preparing tacos for dinner, I dropped something and said, "dammit!" and he was standing right next to me, but didn't even blink.  Then I smiled and said, "dannick!" and he gasped and said, "Mom!  Don't say those words!"  ha!  haha!  Okay!)

It really was such a nice, crisp, dry wintery day.  And as a teacher, can I just say?  Outdoor recess rules! 

I woke up early this morning (falling asleep, again, at 9pm will do that!) and enjoyed some quiet time alone.  A whole 20 minutes!  Apparently the faint whispering of my socked feet against the hardwood floor in the living room alerted Scotty to my presence.  Dannick!

So, we were up, and we did one of my favorite weekday morning rituals...pancakes!  It feels so decadent, before the hustle and bustle of carpools and lost shoes and can't-find-my-keys, to sit down at a fresh, warm, made-from-scratch family breakfast of pancakes.  It makes any day feel like a weekend!  Try it sometime, seriously, it's awesome!

It takes just a minute or two...I make my own pancake mix, and keep the dry ingredients mixed here on the counter.

I add the milk, eggs, and oil when I'm ready for batter.  How beautiful are these eggs, by the way?  I'm so grateful for the gifted, farm-fresh eggs we get!

While I'm adding up ingredients and running the hand mixer through it all, I preheat the griddle.  We're flapjack loving folks, so I have the griddle that came with my range pretty much permanently over the middle two burners.  It's never the wrong time for pancakes when you have that bad boy.

I make a whole batch, though we only eat a few of them.  The rest cool and get stored.  For the next two days, we'll pull a pancake or two out whenever the mood strikes, heat it in the microwave (anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute), and live like kings.

The boys like to use maple syrup, Erik enjoys boysenberry syrup the best, and I like mine with some jam and a dusting of powdered sugar.  Mostly, though, I like mine in the sweet, sweet company of the Buljan Boys.


  1. The tile you have on your backsplash over your stove is what I have! We're meant to be together.

  2. Kelly and I made pancakes for dinner the other night. I usually put peanut butter on top. If I'm "bad", I'll top it with jam or syrup. Pancakes- waffles, for that matter- are good any time of the day. Moose

  3. Obviously, Susan, we were separated at birth! I never noticed that before...I can totally picture the Chef's water bottle hanging there in the kitchen, but I'm drawing a blank on the tile! How funny is that?

    Moose ~ I just love it that my rather restrained choice of jam falls under "splurge" for you! haha! And I also love breakfast for dinner. My mom would do that once in awhile and I always have such fond memories of that!

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  5. My hubby won't eat breakfast food after 12pm, so no breakfast for dinner at my house. :(

    Edited to add: I LIVE for outside recess!!