Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My dear, dear, dearest friend, Tracy, sent me this flipping adorable hat, with a matching scarf (and two sweet tea cups, too!) and I love it all.

This hat is's soft, it's the perfect size, and I love the colors. About the size: I wear my hair up in a clip or barrette nearly all the time. This hat comfortably fits over the hair and the clip! My hair is up in this photo, in fact, and I think we can all agree that the hat still fits perfectly!

Did I mention she made them? Oh, yes! She says she's not crafty, but she used a knitting loom and....ta-dah! I was so touched, truly, to have this most special handmade from somebody who means the world to me. Swoon!

This hat, in fact, was the inspiration for an entire wardrobe of hats that I made for Mimi. It's not going so well, to be honest, but she's started radiation treatments (my fingers are still crossed, I don't care what anybody's my nature) and I wanted her to have choices. Would she be feeling cozy? Sassy? What will she wear? Will she have a hat to match it? I wanted her to have several hats to pick from so that she has a better chance of finding that hat, the one that she loves so much that she doesn't want to take it off. Like my new hat....that I love so much I've even been wearing it to bed!


  1. I loved making it for you :)

    I bet you could also stitch up some great scarf/hanky type wraps she can use to help keep her head warm as well. She is going to love your hats! Your mom and Mimi are in my thoughts.