Friday, March 19, 2010


Scotty is so busy.  I love this picture of him, exactly because it is so him. 

He's starting to have so many of his very own interests.  He called me yesterday from my mom's and told me to "come over right away" because he was getting Grandma's "birthday party ready" (she was born in September) and when I asked him if he was making her cake or cookies he replied, "I'm making shrimp."

I see.

So let's just pull back a little and see what he has in the hopper.  This looks just about right!  Legos and the castle and his "picnic" (always!) are his constant companions.  Shoes, kicked off immediately upon entering the house, the car, the restaurant (ahem) and any other time you turn your back for 10 seconds.

(I had to laugh when our friend and neighbor, Lior, invited us to come by one rainy, cold night, a few weeks ago and, when I arrived, he pointed to my barefeet and said, "Now, now we know where he gets it!")

Throw pillows destroyed, check.  Kitty companion, check.  And then there are those papers, and these are definitely a new (and oh so sweet!) development.  Scotty has recently started drawing.  His baby-scribbles have (suddenly!) bloomed into the cutest little 'potato head' drawings!  He draws his entire family (we are usually engaged in a space battle of epic proportions) as large, wobbly heads, with a minimum of two arms and four legs growing as straight sticks from various aspects of the heads.  No bodies, no thank you, but two dots for eyes and an ever-present-smile make the family resemblance unmistakable.

I have a stack of these, and I can't get enough of them!

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