Monday, March 1, 2010

Things I have not done:
  • Charged my camera battery
  • Downloaded video and photos from the memory card
  • The dishes
  • The laundry
  • Seen my cousin in her play!  (I had wanted to sneak down yesterday for her final matinee performance, but, sigh, life does get in the way, sometimes.)

Things I have done:
  • Went with my mom to visit Mimi
  • Weeded the front yard
  • Planted the first of the veggies ~ fingers crossed I'm not too early!  (I was so late last year, I fear I may be overcompensating...)
  • Baseball practice!
  • Finished putting away everything that was displaced from the bathroom construction.  

And things I'm currently doing:
  • Worrying sick about Mimi.  After our brief (but oh-so-wonderful) overnight stay, I left with a heavy but singing heart.  I love that woman.  I thought I might head up there to keep my mom company, but you know, when I got there I realized...I went to see her for me, too.  But I feel burdened, too, by her cancer.  It takes her breath and fills her lungs and she's back in the hospital yesterday with pneumonia and the MRI shows spots on her other lung and it's such a roller coaster of hope and despair that I hardly know what to do with myself.  I'll sit tight (oh, life, it goes on) while I wait to hear from my mom, who is going up today and staying for a few days, but I feel my nerves on the edge.  I am up before 5 am every morning, and I find myself lost in thought, deep in a project, trying to keep my mind from wandering.
Hmmmm....not the most auspicious start to the week.  I'll do better.