Monday, June 28, 2010

Home sweet home!!!

After being out of town for a week, it felt so good this weekend to settle back into home life!  I took a gaggle of boys to the park.  Tommy and his friend were swinging on one side, and I was alternating pushes between Scotty and my grand-nephew, Matthew.  As I stood there, pushing and giggling, I thought a lot about how all of this was a metaphor for mothering and life in general, but then the sprinklers came on and now I can't remember what it was that I thought was so profound.  I just passed off my push-duties to the older boys and that was that.
Except for our time at the park, there was little reason to get out of our pajamas.  There were legos to be made...
...and based on the number of boxed snacks lining our counters (crackers and fruit snacks and cereals, oh my!) there was an emergency baking session that needed to happen.  Immediately.  My favorite oatmeal raisin cookies, and easy homemade granola bars.   (I assure you that these granola bars are not Laurel approved!!)
It was time for a quick tour of the gardens...the first of the plants meant to be my future butterfly garden on the back hill are doing just fine, and my wonderful husband (who kept my gardens watered in my absence!) is taking a well-earned rest in the back there.
Eggplants and cucumbers, rosemary, tomatoes, squash....check, check and check!
The first of the cucumbers, making an appearance!
Hundreds of green tomatoes...cherry, grape, roma, beefsteak...hundreds.  Slurp!
This giant bumble bee makes me smile!  For the longest time, I thought I had one big fat bumble, but after snapping this picture in my overgrown sage plant out back, I noticed three more just like him in the lavender bush out front.  I love him.
There must have been three dozen honey bees in the overgrown marjoram plant (um, a theme, perhaps?) in the backyard.  They love this!  Which reminds me...we should head out to the front side yard to check on our friends in the green bin...


  1. Kelly is soooooo jealous of your friends at the green bin. Enjoy your summer! Giants, Dodgers Wednesday afternoon. Moose

  2. Hi Moose! My dad went to the game tonight! Do you guys have time to grab something to eat tomorrow? Or are you into the park and back out again? Let's get together soon anyway; my summer vacation OFFICIALLY starts tomorrow at 4:00. Bring it on!!!!

    PS Kel would be FREAKING out if she saw the honeycombs! They are too crazy wonderful!!

  3. Dude, that's a crapload of bees... pardon my French. Your garden looks beautiful!

    Question: are the granola bars crunchy or chewy?

  4. Carmen ~ I believe the technical term is "metric crapload of bees". :P The granola bars...I was hoping for crunchy, I got chewy. It was about 90 degrees outside though, so I thought that might be keeping them from firming up. I put the jar in the refer, which did make them break apart. *sigh* Still? Completely delish!!