Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Can't Do Much ~ Part Deux

Following along with the theme from yesterday, there's another very small thing I've been working on.
I'm beyond sick about this oil volcano in the Gulf.   I think about it all the time, and the helplessness...and hopelessness...that comes with this preoccupation is so profound.  We are right at the edge of our technology and our knowledge.  Who even knows at this point if what the things that they're trying are actually going to cause more and more damage?  It's mind boggling. 

I want to do something huge.  I'm not even sure what this would be at this point, but I'm looking for it.

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

In the mean time, I found this.  It's not huge, in fact, it's oh-so-small.  Craft Hope is sponsoring this project, and this is how they describe it on their website:
...to assist them in their efforts in caring for and cleaning oiled marine mammals, mostly dolphins, other marine mammals, birds, and sea turtles. Dolphins are naturally curious and have been swimming toward the oil plumes to investigate… and that curiosity gets them in a lot of trouble against the oil slick.
They need hand towels and wash rags to use for cleaning oil off the animals.  They are asking for small rags that will be destroyed during the clean up and tossed immediately.  As I read through the details added at the bottom, I saw it could be as easy as cutting up towels and t-shirts (all 100% cotton) and sending them along.  I stopped just long enough to embroider on a "thank you" for the volunteers.  You know, so it's crafty.

I can't do much.  But I can do this. 


  1. me too! I'm doing this too!

  2. yay! I saw this. Oh...the fun we would have. :)