Friday, June 11, 2010


School is officially out!  We went to the end-of-little-league pizza party tonight, so it was an exceptionally long day...but it was hot and the kids are in full summer mode already(oh, bed time, where are you!?), and I FINALLY had a minute to comment here to folks who left sweet notes over the last two weeks.  How did that happen?  You know, it's funny, I never used to comment in the comments on my old blog.  I was so self-conscious!  Now, I don't even care how dorky I am ~  I love the tips and sweet comments and I pretty much feel so much better when I get to write back...I'm going with better late than never?  :)  Also, I'm just going to pretend anybody cares.  haha!

I'm looking forward to this's swamped with graduations and birthdays, but I plan to get some serious yard time in tomorrow, and I have project lists and crafty fun on my mind.  Plus, my dear friend Glenn just called and invited Erik out onto his sailboat for a day on the bay!  Oh, yes, summer is definitely arrived! 

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