Monday, September 27, 2010

Dipping a Toe In....

This summer, between spending time with Marie, trying to deny that Marie was dying, and the occasional sweltering heat wave, my mom crocheted this blanket.
It's done in these enormous hexagons octogons, then pieced together with squares.  My favorite hexagon octogon is that super-fly green and brick one in the lower left corner, but I guess I could say that about them all.

My mom completely shocked me by giving me this blanket.  I was admiring it just a few days after Marie passed away, and she said, in the matter-of-fact way that she says everything, "You can have it, I'll make another one."

I LOVE this blanket.  I know my mom loves it too, but I'm guessing she can't look at it without thinking about this horrible summer.  She buried herself in this blanket project, and a few others, so she wouldn't have to think about what was happening.

I totally get it.  I do.  But is it wrong that I love it so much?  I guess....deep down, I'm neither surprised nor offended that so much beauty can come out of so much ugliness. 

I am at the tail end of my math writing project.  Between the deadlines and teaching and THIS OPPRESSIVE HEAT WAVE, I am ready to be done with all this and go back to the glorious,  happy bubble of my ridiculously charmed life.  Last week is gone.  And I say, good riddance.

Now I'm just looking to get through the next 36 hours, and then it's home free...wish me luck!!!


  1. It's good to have you back! La

  2. It is so beautiful!

  3. Thanks La! I miss writing here, mostly because when I 'disappear' it usually means life has gotten crazy. I'm now down with that. :)

    Thanks Brit! I miss you...I was reading this morning about your bountiless harvests....*sigh* I'll miss reading about your apple preserving!!!!