Friday, September 3, 2010

How Do You Spell That?

Now that I'm at day 10 of the school year (39 students now, and going strong crazy), it's easy to remember why I love teaching so much.  Specifically, why I love teaching elementary school so much.  Over the last few years, I've toyed with various scenarios where I would teach single subject math, but the pull to work with Littles is so strong!

For one thing, you can be as dorky as you want, and they don't even notice.  And, lookit, I'm a dork.  Full stop.  So, yesterday we were doing Writer's Workshop.  Next to math, it's my favorite subject to teach.  I'm just so charmed by the students and their words!

Me:  Writers, your stories are so important and interesting!  This year, we're going to tell our stories and I can't wait to hear about all the exciting and wonderful things you are doing and thinking!
Them:  One time....  I have a dog..... My favorite toy...
Me:  Okay, you know what?  I'm soooo excited to hear these stories, but first, let's pick just one story to tell.  After you tell your story to your partner...
Them:  Can I tell you?!
Me:  I can't wait to hear, after you write it down...
Me:  After you tell your story to your partner, you're going to get out your super special writing notebooks and get that important story down on paper before it floats away!

Students get busy.  And loud.  Oh my gato, this class is so spazzy!  I tell myself (and cross my fingers) that it's because this room (and my patience limits) were never meant for this many children.  We settle back and start to write, in relative silence for these monkeys.  Did I mention the 39 eight year olds?

5 minutes in, a hand.

Student:  Teacher?
Me:  Yes?
Student:  How do you spell alcohol?
Me: ....
Me: ....
Me: about if you spell it like you hear it, for right now?
Student:  Okay!


  1. Crack me up! The other day when walking in from recess a kid stops me and says "Mrs. S! Lemme show you a song!" He then proceeds to break out his air guitar and goes "Dun dun da DUN DUN!". Love it.

    P.S. You are a posting machine lately! Thanks for making the rest of us teachers look like slackers. :)

  2. Oh, almost forgot. My count is 26 right now with one no-show... The other two kinder classes have similar numbers. We're getting a para to share. I've never had a para. What do I do with her???

  3. @ Carmen ~ ha! I love kids! :) Paras. Ugh. I don't know! My experience is pretty limited (help? what's that?) SO take it for what it's worth: I think it's more work than it's worth. I mean, I usually have to *prepare* something for them to do with the kids, *show* them how to do it, and then *make sure* the kids learned something. Easier still? Just do it myself. :-| I think there are fab paras out there, too, it just never really worked for me. If you know who it is every time, and the time they'll be there, it could work to 'turn' a group over to them? Or have them on independent work patrol while you work with small groups? I'm terrible at this! Sorry!!!! Good luck though. :)