Monday, October 4, 2010

I Don't Care!

Scotty's bangs were down to his nose, so I trimmed them.  I left the rest of his hair wooly and wild (though it looks awfully tame, in this picture!) and everybody was making fun of me ~ and him ~ and you know what?  I.  Don't.  Care.  I think he's adorable, and I happen to think he's even cuter now.  He has such an expressive face....both of my kids do, actually.  They have their father's eyebrows, and I'm telling you, those things move around the forehead like a caterpillar.  They really start winging around when they get wound up, and I couldn't love it more.   So, if you don't like his hair-do (or hair-don't, if you must) I understand.  I understand, but I don't care.  Just saying.  :)


  1. Hey Mia, looks pretty cute to me and I used to be a hairdresser:) My youngest son used to wear the same look. I like longer, shaggy hair on boys with bangs short enough so you can see adorable faces. I am with you!!!! Aunt Betty

  2. Aunt Betty!!! So NOT surprised that we have this in common. :)

    Tra ~ I know, right?!? :)