Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crochet Rag Rugs

... the multi-media version, I guess!  I had written about making crocheted rag rugs several times over the last couple of years.  Here, originally; then  here for a chair pad I made.  Plus all the ones I've documented giving away as gifts.  Even placemats!

I've been thinking for awhile it might be fun to turn that one blog post into a small video series.  My goal was to have a set of 2-minute videos that showed some of the to choose materials, prep the sheets into one long piece of fabric (fitted and flat sheets), how to change colors, increase, decrease, etc.  (I'm also creating a series of very specific posts that have pictures and patterns for some of the favorite ones I've made...but that's not done yet.  Soon!)

Here are those videos...but they aren't two minutes long!  And I filmed them by myself, with a tripod, so every video is made without my head.  Ahem.  And I made some mistakes in what I was saying (I tried to note the mistakes under the video) and oh, basically, I don't even know why I'm posting these!  haha

But, I'm wondering if they are at all helpful....and if they are, I'd be willing to re-do them, a little more professionally.  It was kind of fun, actually, so any feedback and constructive criticism would be super helpful.

Like, for example, I like to watch really short videos...I can't commit to anything over 3 or 4 minutes!  Do you feel the same way?  Would you rather see the info in the longest video broken into several shorter segments?  Or do the fitted and flat sheet parts just go together?  Am I talking to much or not enough?  There are a couple spots where you can't see EXACTLY what my hands are doing, so if that's troublesome, I could redo the videos.

Lookit, basically, if you look at these videos, and find them either helpful or troublesome, would you mind letting me know either way?  Thanks!  :)

I apologize in advance that I'm all "Boobs McBooberson" in these.  I watched them fairly critically (as you do ;) and I'm pretty sure that my hair is long enough to make these "Safe For Work and Small Children"... *cough* I promise a wardrobe change if these get redone.

Choosing Materials ~ click to see video on types of sheets and materials. (about 3 minutes)
Preparing Materials ~ click to see video on how to turn fitted and flat sheets into one continuous strip of material.  (about 9 minutes)
Simple Stitches for Working a Rag Rug ~ click to see video on decreasing and increasing stitches, for crocheting in the round. (about 4 minutes)
Changing Colors ~ click to see video on how to change colors using a slip stitch (about 8 minutes).

(In the last two videos, I make a couple of mistakes, which I think could ultimately be good to sort of show that you can make mistakes and your rug will still turn out just fine!  Lovely, even.)

Mistake number one:  I keep saying that you start the next round, when you're moving up in a round rug, with a single crochet.  I'm actually making a "chain one", which is correct, but saying "single crochet".  Oops!  So, in short, to begin the next 'round' in the single crochet circular rug I am making on the video, slip stitch into the first stitch of the round you are ending, to close the circle, then CHAIN ONE, then begin making SINGLE CROCHET STITCHES to create the next round.  On the video, I then go on to forget to do the chain one, and just begin single crocheting!  heh.  What you'll notice is, that it just doesn't matter.  It doesn't have to be anything like perfect! 

As I get the patterns finished/pictures to go with them, I'll include those here, too.
Good luck and have fun making the rugs...they are addicting!


  1. Okay, this weekend (Ruffin is sick so we're not getting much done, I'm supposed to be washing dished now, shhhhh....) I'm checking out the videos - I L-O-V-E crochet rugs!! I've always wanted to make one and know I will know how! :D

  2. Awesome! I can't wait to review these!

  3. I enjoyed your videos. would love to see a video of how to actually start the rug,One of the chain 4,slip stitch and sc into the round was it 8 times.Anyway you get theidea.I so need to see someone do this part.

  4. anonymous: hey, you know what? i'll totally make that video tomorrow. : )