Friday, March 4, 2011

C Is For Cookie

 I got this scarf in the mail last week, and I've been dying to share it here.  Because I only LOVE it!
I love scarves anyway, and handmade scarves are my very favorite kind.

But knitted?  On one of those looms that remind of making looped pot holders in Girl Scouts?
By one of the people dearest to me in all the world?

 Now, in addition to a sweet reminder of my BFF Tracy, I get to be petted by my kids
(at home and at school!) and, because it's made in super soft homespun yarn in blue with  
I'm not kidding here
variegated blue fur and fringe, I get to giggle and call myself 

I can't stop singing "C is for Cookie"!  That's almost as good as getting a beautiful, happy, love-filled scarf...I do declare it.


  1. Your booty looks so skinny! Jealous!

  2. @Cori ~ huh. I wouldn't waste TOO much time worrying about it. Booty is in tact, I assure you. lol