Monday, March 14, 2011

Worst Week Ever?

Last week, somewhere around Monday (which I thought was Thursday) and then again on Thursday (which I thought was Tuesday), I had the thought that this might be the worst week ever.  Busy days of baseball and homemaking and loving my boys, along with the first glimpses of Spring (I love you Spring!!!) all buried under a ridiculous week at work filled with deadlines and chaotic families and exhausting chidren.....I was ready to call it the worst week ever and crawl into bed for the weekend.

I just wasn't prepared for the news that our brothers and sisters in Japan were hit with an earthquake and a tsunami.  Already emotionally and physically exhausted, their suffering is so hard to witness. 

And now we can we help?  where do we (pitifully) send our money and give our blood, which feels like the only things we can do right now? And now we wait...when will the reactors be stabilized? When will the survivors be reunited?

I have to tell you.  I greet this week with a renewed sense of wonder at all the "problems" that make up what I had been secretly referring to as "the worst week ever".  Problems like a warm place to sleep, a family to cuddle with, a job that I love (despite weeks like these), and access to all the food and fresh water I could ever need or want for. 

I am grateful and I am thankful and I am waiting.  Taking a deep breath, I'm ready for this week.  Kind of.  And this doesn't mean I'll stop complaining, either.  Just that I'll know, when I'm doing it, that I am an ass.


  1. Hey Mia, not an Ass just human. It takes some disaster like the one in Japan to push us off our pity pot and get us to be thankful. When I saw people in Santa Cruz whining about the destruction to their boat, I wanted to (actually did) scream at the TV, "It is just a boat!".

  2. It's all relative, Mia. You know that.