Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear March, You Sucked

There were some things that happened in March that did not suck:
 like when Michele came from Belgium
 Leslie came from Oakland (with the blood of virgins on her face, apparently,
because she hasn't aged an iota since 1987)
and Tom came from Walnut Creek (little Gibby and Tommy kicking it lol)
(all photos scraped from Michele's F/Book post!)

There are people I will always be happy to spend some time with.  I'm an easy-going person who likes to have a good time, and it is not hard to make a temporary friend to a pass a few hours.
But this little get-together, orchestrated to get us all in the same room when Michele came to the states from Belgium, reminded me that there is another, much smaller, group of people for whom the connection is always there.  No need to manufacture a make-shift shanti friendship....just pick up a piece of string that is always tethered to you and to them and then, just like that, you're already caught up and on your way.  I love these people, I always have, and watching our kids play together was too wonderful. 

Or:  Opening Day for Little League and T-Ball

And also: the backyard, through hand weeding no less, went from barren winter stillness:
there are stone stairs and a pond and a huge hill buried under all those weeds : )
 it took hand weeding for hours every day of spring break
(here the weeds are transferred to piles roughly the size and shape of two volkswagens)
 ah! all that work and now we can say:  getting there. lol

 and after hauling in newly composted soil and getting veggies in....
it was finally time to welcome in the beginnings of spring.

As for the rest of March?  The rest of the month is invited to kindly go fuck itself.  Just saying.


  1. Great friends just make the world a brighter place to live in. Love the picture of Scotty in his uniform:-) He is ready for some serious T Ball.