Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

dipping a toe in....  : )
 My famous annual Mr. Bunny Cake....

 First time ever using the mini pie maker my mom got me
results:  apple and cherry yumminess

 My job:  salads....Berry Fruity and cold pasta salad.

 festive egss

 festive project

 the season of peeps!

 contemplating grandpa's hammock

 my brother's kids are trouble lol


and her great granddaughter
(George's daughter, Sarah, her daugher, Lola)


  1. There you are! I hope all is well. Your Easter looked like a great time. xoxoxoxoxxo I am so glad we got to meet up when we were in CA.

  2. What a "Glorious Day", you are back!!! I have sure missed my Mia smiles and laughs every morning. Thanks for making my day brighter with your wonderful family and all those festive spring colors:-)

  3. Yay! Love all the pictures, but love even more that you're back. :)

  4. @Michele ~ yay! never enough of you, but i loved seeing those boys in real life lol

    @Betty ~ I've missed you!!! I see you all had a wonderful Easter too :)

    Schell ~ OMG we need to catch up! your pregnancy is flying by!!