Tuesday, May 31, 2011

That's A Lot of Sage

After this four day week is a three day week and then my summer begins.  I'm not going to lie to you: I am ready. Oh, I know, after the first couple of weeks, I'll miss my students, I'll miss the creative aspects of designing lessons and trying to figure out what each little squirrel needs just right now, but let me just state:  I'm looking forward to missing it.  That is all

I was thinking today, about all the people who have died in military service to the United States (as it is Memorial Day) so I decided to do an internet search. I found this sobering tally right off the top, and it really set the mood for my "three day weekend".  I mean....I sort of can't comprehend, on the one hand, how many precious lives have been lost (how many families have ached for their loved ones?) and on the other hand, I can't bring myself to accept, on face value, that this is a wholly inclusive total.

We took advantage of our three day weekend by doing some long-needed chores around the house.  Here, Erik "fixed" the dead bolt lock on our front door.  Ahem.
And I even managed to clean this front window, which the pup has taken to rubbing her nose on while pacing back and forth, awaiting our return any time we leave the house.  I mean. Gross.
It's better now : ). I can see out it now.  Oh, except for the two huge cracks that are spiderwebbing across the top of the window.  I mean, we're just keeping it classy around here, really.
I also went into a bit of maintenance mode in the garden, even this early in the season there is so much yummy work that needs to be done!
Complex tasks like caging the tomato plants. A chore made even better by adorable fuschia, yellow,  and orange cages. Yay! Oh, but that sage plant is out of control.  See it there, in the background?
A quick shearing and I had cleared enough space to stake my adorable bean plant experiment.  Oh, they're little arms, forever reaching to hug something....I love you, bean plants!
Which left me with some newly harvested sage.  Quite a bit of it, in fact! My immediate response was, of course, to do a quick internet search.  Now I have another (can't really call this a) chore I can't wait to try.

What did people do, before the internets?????


  1. Mia, thanks for coming back and making my mornings fun again (you know it is all about me and my feelings:-)). You have such a way with words and put a smile on my face each day. Bless You!!!

  2. Dude. That's a lot of sage. :)

  3. @Betty ~ don't you make my heart sing? I've missed you! And I'm going to embroider a pillow for you that say Bad Ass. haha! 5k after a knee replacement? What the heck???

    @Schell ~ SO MUCH. lol and where's our baby????

  4. Your garden is gorgeous!! I just got mine planted last week. It is one of the things I always did in the summer with my Grannie (I grew up on her farm). I feel like her spirit is with me while I garden - is that weird? I hope her spirit will be with me when I have to can the fruits of my 12 tomato plants - what was I thinking?? :)

  5. Just wanted to say I Love your blog!! I came across it trying to learn the crochet rag rug. Your videos were most helpful. I hope you don't mind I did link your videos in my blog if anyone wanted some really good tutorials. I really enjoy reading about your kitchen adventures and your boys. I have 2 boys (2 1/2 yrs and 7 months) and reading all your stories with them really touches my heart. I also have a few of your recipes and can't wait to try them. Truly inspired by your blog! Thanks!!

  6. Oh forgot...your garden is amazing! We started a small one this year and it is turning out really well. We will be doing a much larger one next year. Hopefully it will produce as well as yours. ;-)