Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Wore :: Cardigan


It's allergy season and I was wearing a cardigan over my "teacher dress" (oh, yes, I assure you, there is such a thing as a "teacher dress", and it's a standard issue with your credential ;) when I noticed a tissue poking out of my sleeve. 

My Grandma Dot taught pre-school the one, that makes 8....a hojillion years**.  And there are a lot of tears (and boogers) in pre-school. She was never without tissue, and they were always stuck into the sleeve of her bright green cardigan, just as I have done here.

She never shared this as a "hot tip" and she never mentioned it at all really, so I was sort of surprised to look down and find that, with a muscle of memory I didn't even know I had, a tissue had found it's way into my own cardigan sleeve.

It got me to thinking about my children, and their children (or children's children) one day, and if there's anything about me that will find it's way into their bones? Like, will my great-great-grandchild love horses and cry when he steps on a snail, but not know why?

I kind of hope so.

Whenever I use the made up number of "hojillion" I am reminded of this news story, where folks were petitioning to officially call the number octillion (10 to the 27th power) "hella big". Still cracks me up.


  1. Dear Mia, It's so lovely to "hear" your voice again via your blog. I've missed you. xoxo Laurie

  2. nice boobs...feel free to delete this comment.

  3. Teacher dress... yes!! My teacher wardrobe doesn't have much in the non-pants area, but I do have a teacher dress. I draw the line at jumpers. :)

  4. yay! you are back! i do that tissue thing. :)