Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I bought this pattern from Leila and Ben on Etsy. It was the sweetest transaction. They were so quick with sending the pdf pattern, I swear, I bought it around dinner time, they sent it, and I had one made before I went to bed! This is the third or fourth one I've made, and by far, it is my favorite.

I made this "capelet" for Dana's daughter, Cassidy. Cassidy will be five soon, and she is very appreciative of my handmades. First, I've been Frankensteining her favorite blankey together for over a year. It's....hideous. But, every time there's a new tear she tells her mom to not worry, "Mia can fix it". I don't really have this status with many people, so she has a special place in my heart.

Also, her pre-school was doing a unit on clothing, and she happened to be wearing a little swing coat/sweater I had made her last year. So she was telling the entire learning circle about how her "friend Mia" made her the sweater. I guess she got some attention for wearing handmade clothing, and now I am cemented in her mind as "source of good things".

Nonetheless, I'm always nervous to give people anything I've made. Her parents are really supportive of my handmade efforts, but I have to say that it can still be nervewracking. I really like this cape. It's easy to make. This one is made with a K hook from two 100g skeins of 100% organic cotton, and oh! it's sooooo soft!
For buttons, I use two of my grandma's clip on earrings from the costume jewelry I've saved that was hers. I think it's so precious, and I know my grandma would approve.

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