Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Merry!

Didn't we have a lovely Christmas? Yes, we did!

This has been the first year that Scotty is aware of Christmas and everything it entails. He and Tommy have been playing a game every time we're in the the car. Every time we pass a house that is decorated and lighted up for the holidays, they call out "Jingle Bells!" Early on I had to discourage Tommy from "punching" somebody every time he yelled jingle bells, so that was fun.

There is a house between school and home that has one of those full size, lighted nativity scenes on their lawn. And because we are heathens, our chidren have no idea about the story of the manger and the wise men and the search for an inn. So when we passed it, Tommy called out "Jingle Bells!!...with....pilgrims?"

Tommy is obsessed with Star Wars, the same way Scotty is obsessed with Speed Racer. Both of these facts crack me up, as Erik was obsessed with...Star Wars...and...Speed Racer. Chicken or the egg? You decide.

We have some kind of Star Wars strategy game. Tommy is even starting a website where he video tapes himself talking about the pieces and the rules to the game. He tries to get me to play, but, uh, no. Erik is that guy. I'm another guy.

Tommy has also been collecting Legos for a long time. He's nearly convinced us to include LegoLand on our next vacation, and I try to pick up as many as I can at yard sales. I think he started getting the "kits" about 3 or 4 years ago, but it's only in the last year or so that he's taken to being creative with them himself. He'll whip you up a space substation or a pirate's rogue ship in just a minute or two.

And then he made this chess set. He really out did himself!

And now, it's the day after Christmas, and we have five count them FIVE huge boxes of Star Wars Legos. Erik put together one, and Tommy and I put together one. There are two more on deck. One box that hasn't been opened. Erik and I also put together the Speed Racer Lego set for Scotty. It comes with a Racer X car and a semi tractor/trailer. I'm glad they are enjoying it so much, because we are seriously going cross-eyed. One set of directions actually had a section where you needed to find forty of these tiny little pieces....twice.

In addition to legos, we've been plyaing with the kitchen Scotty got from Santa. Sometime in the next few days, Grandpa will deliver Scotty's mini grey truck. My mom found one of those kid's cars that looks exactly my dad's beater truck that Scotty is in love with! He was so happy on Christmas day! It was a real carnival, with a half dozen little cousins tooling around in 4 different mini-cars.

There's one more present coming to my home, and it is amazing. I have NO IDEA what to do with it, but I plan to have fun trying! There's really no point in even trying to discuss it without pictures, so more to come soon.... I love a surprise, don't you? :)

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