Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tommy and his Sense of Style

This picture cracks me up. It is so terribly THEM.

But the funniest thing about this picture is the shirt Tommy is wearing. At the end of the last school year, the Room Mom made a shirt for each child. She printed photos of the kids from various events and activities throughout the year, printed them onto iron-on transfers, and then each child wore their shirt and the classmates signed their names using fabric pens. I know.

Anyway, this picture cracks me up because he loves that shirt. And he's walking around, wearing pictures of himself on his shirt. That's funny enough. But then Erik started helping out with the laundry, and the result has been several loads of pink clothing. Ahem.

This is one of the shirts that has turned pink in the last couple of months. He still wears it. And, more importantly, he doesn't wear his pink shirt with his face on it because he doesn't car, he wears it because he still thinks it's cool.

My brother makes fun of us because our kids wear floods and thrift store clothes and stripes with plaids and Scotty wears rubber boots with EVERYTHING these days, plus the fact that when Scotty has a potty training accident at pre-school he comes home wearing girl's pants from the extra clothes bin, and now Tommy actually thinks it's COOL to wear your own picture on a shirt and thinks it's even better if said shirt has been washed with a red hand towel.

But I think they're hilarious just the way they are, and I think it's pretty cool that their fashion sense, at least for the time being, fits so well with my disinterest in shopping and Erik's inability to run a load of whites.


  1. Scotty is getting SO BIG! And he looks so much like Tommy now. I guess I should be expecting that from my own brood soon. Everyone already says that Rory looks like a mini-Callum, but with different coloring.

  2. Love the picture! And the post too. Tommy sounds so much like Joey. I can't even count how many bins of legos we have in this house - and a whole book shelf is used just for his instruction manuals. He loves to tear them apart and rebuild them. And like Tommy - he often goes off on his own and creates too..spy planes, flying ships, etc... Love the legos!!
    Have a GREAT New Year!! Miss you guys.

  3. Pamela ~ I know!! Can you believe S and C are already KIDS now? It's funny because I don't think Tommy and Scotty look very much alike, but everybody who sees them says they are. Maybe we moms get so used to them being their own people that we just have a hard time seeing the resemblances? Have a great new year...we miss you!

    Tracy ~ oh god, if I step one more lego I'm going to cry! Because it's New Year's Day I'm feeling all 'organize-y' so I'm considering trying to figure out a system for them. Ahem. I may give up before we start! Love you.