Monday, March 9, 2009

:: Card Game ::

I finished the sweater on Thursday night, and gave it to Barbara on Friday. She loved it! She said Christine got many gifts, but none of them were handmade. Don't you think every baby deserves a little handmade love? I really do!

Barbara especially loved the turtle buttons! You were all so right... it had to be the turtles.

And just because I'm the kind of guy who, at 10:30 at night, thinks, "I think this sweater needs some booties!" I went ahead and made these with yarn left over from the trim. My camera really doesn't do well with the details, but the little ribbons are pink with tiny white polka dots. Could you swoon? The booties are from Crochet from the Heart which was a Christmas gift from my dear friend. These were made in less than 10 minutes each. You really can't beat that!

Saturday night we went over to my mom's and had a blast playing cards with Uncle Larry and Aunt Barbara. I can totally remember doing that when we were little. Every Sunday night, we'd go to my Grandma Dot's. We'd have dinner, and we'd watch Mutual of Omaha (I think it was an animal show?) and The Waltons. Then the adults would play pinochle and we'd watch The Wonderful World of Disney.

Doesn't it all sound so wonderfully old-fashioned? And I have to laugh, because playing cards with my parents and my aunt and uncle, it didn't feel old-fashioned at all. Just felt like we were living our lives. That's probably what they were thinking too... I can't believe that they were imagining me, thirty years later, waxing nostalgic about an evening of family-friendly television and the raucous bravado that comes from accusing a loved one of making a crappy bid in a card game.


  1. Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom with Marlon Perkins! I loved that show! He seemed like a really old man to me and he would be climbing things and stalking through the underbrush to find some animal or other. When it got really rough, he'd make his younger assistant do the work. I don't recall his name, but in later years , after the show was off the air, he was the one that always brought animals onto Johnny Carson. Ok, now I am officially old!

  2. If you guys are old I must be ancient!!! You are something else Mia. The sweater and booties are adorable. I love handmade baby goodies.

  3. Betty-Bean, you are young at heart! Marlon Perkins. Oh my. Kelly, I did not see that one coming!