Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fire! Fire!

Scotty loves to dress up in the fireman outfit at his preschool. And he loves to watch Fireman Sam on PBS. He comes positively unglued when he hears a siren or sees a fire engine. Come to think of it, he behaves similarly when hears or sees anything train related.

Anyway, I went online and bought him a fireman's outfit. Oh my, he nearly broke my heart with cuteness! Look how happy he was!

It came with some accessories ~ a toy axe, a walkie talkie, an extinguisher (and because I live with boys they quickly figured out that it actually squirts when filled with water!), and a funny little inflatable hose.

So he called in an emergency.

And quickly set about rescuing Tommy.

He's so proud of himself! Now he can be found, beating the plastic axe against the living room wall, and yelling, "Fire! Fire!"

1 comment:

  1. Station 1, Station 1 this is dispatch 1. There's a report of a structure fire at 3rd and King. Requesting fireman Scotty to put out the flames.