Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Love My, BOYS...I Love My BOYS

Alright, Moose, this kid is ready! He's been loving baseball and being on a team! He bats left and throws right. We've been working on his wrist action because, apparently, he throws like a girl. He's waiting for you! Opening day is this Saturday, but he'll have Wednesday night games too. He'll be thrilled if you and Kelly can make it to a game! And bring Aunt Betty (for me) please. I love watching him play, because he takes it so seriously. Cutie pie (heart) (heart)...

And then there's this guy. Lately, I've had to sneak up on Scotty to get a picture of him. If he knows his photo is being captured, I get a pose like this.

And sometimes it makes me giggle and I take the picture. And other times, I'll say, "Please, baby, mommy wants a sweet picture!" And he'll tell me, "But, mommy, this is my favorite trick!"

And then I laugh my ass off.


  1. I LOVE Little League. I spent so many wonderful days at the ballpark (when my boys were young) that when I go by it now my heart beats with love. Think we need a schedule so we may be able to make a game.
    Aunt Betty

  2. Yes, send a schedule. I'd love to come to a game and watch Tommy play. And it's primo that he bats left and throws right. There are so many more possibilities. And it's not too far to come a watch a game. I'm heading to the ARCO arena (Sacramento) tomorrow after work (3pm) to watch Kelly's cousin play in the CA state basketball championship Div. 1. Monte Vista HS(Nor Cal) vs Poly, Long Beach (So Cal) at 6pm. Then, back home and work the next morning. Oh, Kelly and I are going to opening day for the Giant's. I don't think I have ever been to an opening day- that I can remember. Anyway, hey batter, batter, batter, batter, swing batter. Moose