Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love when he falls asleep and I count his little freckles. I love the freckles that 'run together', two or three freckles becoming one big smudge of a freckle.

Freckle. That's a weird word.

Scotty got hurt at school on Monday. About 10 minutes before I picked him up, he slipped on some tanbark and landed, face first, into the concrete passway. He bit his lip, and although it appears that his teeth have suffered no permanent damage, the gums around his two front teeth were black and blue bruised.

They iced it, and made an incident report, but when he woke up yesterday morning his lip was HUGE. HUGE I say! It totally changed the way he looked. I kept looking at him, and thinking, that doesn't look like him. Not at all. He kind of looked like a character in the Planet of the Apes movies.

He woke up this morning, and went to school. Erik dropped him off, and 20 minutes later I got a call on my cell, asking me what happened to Scotty's mouth. Um....he fell. He fell at school.

Well, he doesn't go to school on Tuesdays, he hangs out with Grandma, and there's different people in the afternoon than in the morning, and boy was I glad they had bothered to fill out an incident report! Did they think we had caused this fat lip?!?

By the time I got home tonight**, he was looking very close to "Scotty-like" to me. Oh, thankfully!

** I shouldn't even be talking right now, because I'm such a grump that I have nothing nice to say about my very bad, no good, rotten and horrible day. When it takes 90 minutes to go 25 miles, AND it makes me so late that I can't pick up my kids in time, SO my husband has to pick up the kids, WHICH I know won't kill anyone, BUT I don't want my kids to have to be the last ones in day care, NOT that there's anything wrong with that if that's how you have to do it, BUT I don't usually have to do it, so it was causing me, frankly, quite a bit of anxiety. It turns out this anxiety morphed into general unease and disappointment for the evening. I keep seeing things I want to do...need to do. And I keep not having time to do it. *sigh* It's this writing project, which is really a lot of work, and late meetings, and working all day at a job that's really pretty hard, and all I want to do is make three loaves of banana nut bread, wrap a new warp, patch my couch, and make pesto for preserving. So, all week, I've been poking and prodding along at small small chores, trying to ground myself in my home, with my family, but'm left feeling pretty fragmented.

So, I'm going to go count some freckles.


  1. Poor Scotty, hope he feels better. Oh my gosh and poor Mia, hope today is a brighter day for you. Hold on the weekend is coming.

  2. Thank you, Betty! Yes, today was better. Long, but better. :) And oh, I'm so looking forward to leaving work tomorrow!

  3. Counting freckles is very important work. Good for you for seeing the important things even after a tough day. Have a happier week! :)