Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thunder and Lightning!

Tommy and I went to see Gram today. He insists. I'm glad.

When we got there, she was at physical therapy. She used a walker to stroll back to her room for lunch. She is amazing! And her teeth were in this time, so Tommy was generally less alarmed. You can't tell, because I refuse to emoticon here, but I'm cracking up when I write that. Everything is sunnier when you've got your choppers on!

Here she is graciously accepting the gift of some Yugi-Oh cards from Tommy. He thought she might be in the mood to duel, but was easily convinced that getting to push her around in the wheelchair is, like, way better.

As I write this, I am listening to the rain. Oh, yes, the rain! Thunder and lightning and everything, this whole weekend! I'm feeling so schizophrenic about the weather...on the one hand, I'm bummed about the rain, because I wasn't prepared for it and I've left some tools out and certainly the patio furniture hasn't been battened down in the least. I'm also hoping for several more weeks of fairly warm ~ hot would be even better! ~ weather so my garden has as much opportunity to 'turn' as possible. (Though I swear, I peaked outside tonight using the porch light, and I believe all plants have grown about a foot taller since the rain started!)

On the other hand, despite this strong desire for more heat, I can't deny that fall is my most favorite time of the year. I love the turning of the weather, the long sleeves, the hot chocolate, the pumpkins, the clouds, and, yes, the first rains. I love it just like it is tonight, with all of us toasty and cozy and the sound of the rain pittering and pattering away. Heavenly!

I spent the weekend mostly inside (besides being gone most of the day, today...not complaining, though, because I really only have the weekends to see my grandma. Did I mention how happy I am that Tommy doesn't just deign to go, but happily, merrily, insistently tags along? So happy.) I worked on my applique project while we visited. I don't have much to report on that at the moment, but I will confess that the orange trio is shaping up to be my very favorite!

And I worked on a baby quilt. I'm really just designing it right now, but I moved from all-out patchwork to being inspired by pi. We'll see! I'm sure it will change a dozen more times before I really get down to it.

And I sewed up some (very simple) curtains for my dear friend Dana's son's bedroom. He'll be two in February, and he just got a "Cars" themed bedroom makeover. Oh, he's happy! Scotty was also very excited...'Are you making me a flag, Mommy?!?' Uh. Well....I am now! Just give me a minute, son.

And I finished my contribution to Jessica's block for the Running Round Robin. I'm sending it out in the mail tomorrow, and a proper update will follow, no doubt. I need to sit with this one for a few days, though, as Erik has made many, many comments about it this weekend, culminating last night (as I put the finishing touches on) with, "Huh. It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be."

I should add that that positive comment was a compromise, after many coaching sessions, based off of what not to say to me when I'm already way over my head in a project I'm already scared to death I may possibly be ruining.

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  1. Gram looks much better (may be the teeth!!!). It touches my heart that Tommy is so concerned about his gram and loves to visit her. Don't you just know that is the highlight of her week (oh and seeing you too:)) All your projects make me tired. How do you fit them in (probably between 1am and 3am Ha Ha).