Thursday, September 3, 2009


I'm trying something very new for the final round robin block I'm working on. It involves reading and calculating and, frankly, sweating. I am not interested in screwing this up! I already scrapped what I was working on earlier this week. Time to man up.

You might remember these purple flowers that I appliqued. I'm making...well, it's not clear what I'm making. Right now? I'm making either twelve or fifteen flower-themed blocks. What they eventually become? We'll all be surprised together!

The next set of three that I just finished is blue. I didn't love this one when I first started it; I declare that it is still the weak link of the three blue blocks.

This one here is probably my favorite of this three. It's just... the orientation is really the horizontal one, but see here, how the correct view is the one on the tilt? Bummer.

The last of the blues. I like the stems on this one the least. They seem...stilted. Not very graceful, the way real stems would move.

And, now that I've gone over in excruciating detail just how wrong each and every block is, I present them as a trio. My original theory was that once you see them all together, all the mistakes in execution and color choice would be minimized, and the whole would be greater than the sum of the parts.

So far, I still think that's true! I think the next set will be orange flowers. Wish me luck!


  1. Well gees, none of them look wrong to me......I've done quilting and sometimes it sort of gets all puckered and wonky on me when I quilt the thing,(actually I tell everyone I purposely made it that way to give it lots of character!) I'll never win any awards but my quilts still keep us warm, and I am still proud I made them with my own two little talented hands. I want to tackle applique, bought a nifty pattern book too, but it scares me that I will get it "wrong" Why are we so critical of our artistic selves? Your blocks are beautiful, It will look smashing when all are done. :^) I can't wait to see it.
    Patty in Erie, PA

  2. Mia, I love the block that you call the "weakest" in the blues. Can't wait to see this project done!!! Good Luck and Go Girl!

  3. Good luck. I love the flowers.

  4. Patty ~ have a point! You know, if somebody else were showing me this as work they had done, I'd be nothing but delighted! I think I'll sleep on that. ;)

    Betty ~ oh dear! Again, I think I need to stop! How rude of me to be critical of that little patch. I'm glad that one's your certainly deserves to be loved!

    Juls ~ Thanks! BTW, Scotty grabbed my running quilt and asked me, "Did you make this mommy?!?" I said, uh, sort of, but mostly my friends made it for me! He said, "I love it!" and ran off. Too cute!