Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Am Old?

I've been overly tired this week...I think I'm fighting something off.  So, not a lot happening...unless you count falling asleep at 5:30 pm as "a happening"! 

However, I cannot let today pass without talking about the reasons why I feel old when I watch American Idol.  The reasons are as follows:

1.  When the judges talk about a performance being "too close to the original, it was just a karaoke version", I have to admit that at least 40% of the time....I have no idea what the original sounds like.  "Fixing a Hole" by the Beatles?  I'm with you.  Anything by Fallout Boy?  I'll just have to trust you on that one.

2.  Whenever Andrew Garcia is shown (singing, talking, or just hanging out) I always turn to Erik and say, "Oh, I hope he wins!  He seems like such a nice young man."

And there you have it.  I am falling asleep during the Early Bird Dinner Hour and calling a twenty-four year old with a tattoo on his neck "a nice young man".  I honestly wish I had more to report.


  1. But you make me giggle. Mia FTW!

  2. From the other side of the pond... I too hope Andrew Garcia goes really far! I loved his Straight up rendition and... I love his voice. I think I am old too.

  3. Hi Mia, you and me both. The falling asleep part I mean not that you are old. Have had a touch of the old jet-lag, Pampa is fed up with me wondering around the house at 3am and asleep in the chair when he comes home from work. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Oh, Pippa, at least you have the excuse of jet lag! :)

    Brit ~ ha! haha! You are too funny.

    Maia ~ you're a wee little babe. Who's your favorite?

  5. 40-something? Ask Scott about them.