Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Class Act

These last couple of weeks have been all about the Giants' Post Season.  Tommy and I have spent many, many, many evenings watching the games.  It's hard for me to set still for that long, so we have to keep busy.
 I have been finishing up (whew!  almost done!) the applique flowers that I spring?  At least?  I've finished the purple set, the orange set, the red set, and the blue set.  I have one and a half of the yellow set done.  (There are three in each set).
I was originally thinking to make them into a quilt, but oh-my-good-god, that is so not happening.  So I think they'll be used in a variety of projects over the next couple of months.  Some things, I can picture exactly what they will be, and how they will be finished.  Other things are fuzzier.  Still others are yet to be conceived.  It should be interesting!

 Tommy stays busy right along side me.  He tends to get lost in his play, but I can do both at the same time.  Which means that he would pop up prairie dog style every time I cheered or grumbled.  It reminds me of growing up with my dad, who always had The Game on the radio, low, in the background...we'd be talking about something, and every once in a while he would whoop or yell, and it would scare the crap out of me.  I swear to you, the radio was barely above a whisper, but he always had one ear on it.  Even when the rest of us were oblivious.

I am so happy that Our Giants won.  But truly, I am NEARLY AS happy at the sportsmanship and class shown by both the Giants and the Texas Rangers.  The Rangers ~ from the coaches to the players to the fans ~ are a real class act.  I'm sure there were overzealous fans on both sides (beer + testosterone can be a tricky combination) but I have mostly heard some amazing things.  I heard that the Rangers organization let the Giants fans onto the field after the game to celebrate with the players!  I heard that the fans welcomed the Giants fans into their stadium!  And, despite a few polite but pointed signs re:  Huff Daddy's Rally Thong (ahem, did you really think Texas would approve?!?) there was none of the  apparent vitriol that the Phillies fans exhibited (Really?  "Fix your teeth"?  I sort of thought "Hippie Freak" was funny ~ especially since the hippie was whoopin' you ~ but the personal attacks,  And I love that Washington just handed it to our Pitchers in the sweetest, most relaxed way.  I don't know much about the AL, but I kind of have a soft spot for Texas at the moment.  It doesn't hurt that I wish only the best for Bengie.  

I'm feeling so generous toward our rivals, in fact, that I'm even hoping for a speedy recovery for both the Dallas-based announcer and Josh Hamilton who were both nearly apoplectic that fans were smoking pot..."fifty feet away from the cops!!!"  Welcome to San Francisco, guys.  I can't believe that's news to anyone, but in the spirit of our new friendship, I offer the sincere hope that you'll not hold it against our city.


  1. What sweet words, Mia. It made me so proud to read them. I can't begin to explain how much I love this state and the people who were born and raised here. In fact, living here the past 10 yrs has actually made me MORE tolerant, gracious, forgiving, and grounded. Anytime you want to experience it firsthand, "y'all come on over!". Love you!!

  2. Has it really been 10 years?!? Where is the time going? :-| It seems you've lived there about as long as you've lived anywhere...weird! I still think of it as 'temporary' and that you'll 'come home'. haha! Love you too, and miss you terribly!

  3. i am so happy for the giants, and the sportsmanship sounds great, of course we did not get to see any of the games here, but we saw highlights and followed online.

    oh my gosh those flowers are beautiful. i know it would be so much work but a quilt would be amazing!!!!!!!

    i have pulled out a project in would like to finish by christmas if i can. and if i can not just rip it all out and give up. it is an argyle cardigan for my father in law. um intarsia is not my friend.

  4. @ Michelle ~ I'm amazed at how much can be seen and done online. I always watch with the mute button pushed and the radio on (I prefer the radio announcers to the 'national' ones from ESPN, etc.) so I watch with the sound about 30 seconds ahead of the visual! It's somewhat schizophrenic at first, until you get used to it. Thanks for the encouragement about the flower's hard to know what to do!!! And as for're a better woman than I am. What a special treat for him, though, if you can make it work. I've got my fingers crossed for you.