Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recently Captured....

...the beauty of a sunset.  I spent some time experimenting with the settings on my Nikon D90, trying to find something that would accurately capture the amazing sunsets we've been watching from the backyard.  Nope.  This one (the exposure length hinted at in the slight blurring) probably got the closest to the city lights and the amazing, placid, bay water...but did absolutely nothing for the sky.  This washed-out version is a crime compared to the electric blue, orange, and pink we experienced all week. 
 ...the beauty of boys.  As mama to two boys, you can call me biased, but there is something so sweet and stirring about a gaggle of boys, standing around just being boys.  This shot of my kids and our friend, Yusef, at the dock of the lake near our just slays me.  The bike, the scooter, the baseball hats and huge sticks Scotty is lugging around, all of it just screams "little boy" to me.  Swoon.
...the beauty of the lake on an unseasonably warm autumn day.  I took this picture from the other side of the dock, and it's all shadows and mellow ripples across the water and flags lazily flapping in the breeze.

It's funny, I look at these pictures and they aren't photoshopped, there's no bokeh, one is blurry and the land looks parched in the other, but in every picture, I see so much beauty.  These pictures, they may not speak at all to you, as the casual observer, but for me, they evoke the sweet calm of holding my honey's hand after a long day of work, watching the sun go down together; I can feel the ache of understanding that these boys, my time with them, of knowing their childhoods, it is all so fleeting; and I can remember what it sounded like, standing on the dock, with the water and the ducks and the laughter floating around me as I closed my eyes and tried to make this moment last.

These pictures won't change the world, but they perfectly captured mine, and I'm feeling really grateful for that, just now.


  1. you've made me all teary.
    g and h turn 2 next week and i feel as though i can not catch my breath.

  2. Lovely pictures! Your captions make them all the more beautiful.

  3. Awww! @ Michelle ~ Oh, don't I know it...time is so slippery, and I can remember holding Tommy in my arms, when he was around 5 months old and staring at the dimples in his elbows and thinking, 'let me remember this, because someday soon, those dimples will be gone and I want to remember that they were here and that we were here'. It's such a vivid memory for me. Two is terrific, by the way!!!!

    @ Carmen ~ thank you! :)