Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I won't lie.  "Getting" an extra hour on Sunday felt good...in the morning.  By 7:30 at night, when it had been dark for, like, 4 hours already (shut up, it's true) and it felt like midnight I was ready to give back that hour just so I could say, "bed time!" to every person in our family!  It was a rainy, stormy day, which did nothing for the dwindling daylight hours.  Yesterday it was sunny and mild, a perfect Northern California autumn day, but I saw my breath when I stepped outside in the morning so I knew my job was to get home before the sun went down (at 5:30...ahem) and work on getting the rest of the tomatoes in.  Seriously.
 I harvested another huge cardboard box full of green, yellow, and red tomatoes.  That was two more plants worth.  I won't get home before dark today, so I'll try again tomorrow.   It's supposed to be in the 60s all week, so I think I 'll have time.  Of course, I can't put off too long what to do with these once I get them inside, either!  I am convinced that pretending to be a farmer is way more work than actually being a farmer.  Because I actually have, you know, a whole other job I'm doing when I teach.  Which takes away from the amount of time and energy I have for dealing with three (and counting) boxes of tomatoes. 
 As I'm putting summer garden to bed, I'm reminded of our October heat wave....by this lone pepper.  Better bring him in.  I don't think he'll get bigger now.
 The rosemary can move into shelter too (they don't love frost, and you never know when a cold snap will hit) but these are the happiest strawberries ever.  I have to read up how to take care of them for the winter, but they are loving our bay climate and spreading like crazy.
 Inside, with dinner done and cleaned up, I had no other time to do anything except love These Boys, but I did manage to spend just a few minutes setting up a Functional Santa's Workshop.

I think I'm ready for the darkness.  Winter, you're not my favorite, but I still love you.


  1. I think I'm ready for the dark of winter too even though it's not my favorite it seems like a time to rest and reflect and do crafty things.

  2. It's pretty dark here around five, so I feel your pain. Today was the first cold, wet, rainy day we've had this fall and our mountains are getting tons of snow! I'd be excited if I was a skier but I like to sit in side and, you know, craft. :)

  3. mia, you should not have any trouble knitting socks. i love knitting socks. when i first started i would use terry lee royea's socks 101 (sock instructions i found online) along with whatever pattern i was using. (i always need 2 types of explanations of things). i have been trying to fins it online to send you the link but have not been able to. i think she put it out in 2000. anyway - you will do great.

  4. p.s. - also that was back before ravelry and all the you tube video tips you can find now. xoxox

  5. @ Michelle ~ Thanks for the encouragement! You may be overestimating my knitting skills...I tend to steer away from anything less than the most straight forward of directions. Double pointed anything? nah, thanks! But I'm determined to do this, and I know you're right about the wealth of info out there. Plus, if I REALLY get in a pickle, my friend Monica is a dandy with the knitting. Do you have a preference for toe-up or turning the heel? Somebody said toe up is easier? But I've also heard that turning the heel is really only hard the first time, then you get used to it. I just don't know!!!! :)