Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yarn for Socks

It must sound like all I do is enter giveaways on The Internets.  I swear, I hardly ever do!  Just in the last two weeks, I refrained from entering Brit's Murray the Owl Giveaway and Linda's gift card give away (though she later encouraged me to jump in, which I did, hoping to win the card for a student's family!), to name but a few.  I try not to enter lots of contests, and you're going to laugh at me, but the reason why is because I am SO's rude to win so much!  I know, I know.  Laugh if you must.

But, when you've wiped your laughy-tears away, take a gander at this gorgeous skein of fingering silky merino I won.  I won it on Amanda Soule's sponsor giveaway a couple of weeks ago, but it came in the mail from Sundara Yarns just this weekend.  It is by far the most luxurious and expensive fiber I ever will have worked with (and at $50 a skein, I'm deathly afraid of getting used to it!) and it is so soft and beautiful and the colors....oh, my goodness...the colors!  I suspect it's worth every penny.

Sundara Yarns tells me this will be enough for a scarf, but I have my heart set on knitting my first pair of socks!  It will probably have to wait until after Christmas ~ I'm kind of up to my neck in gift making at the moment, and I suspect this little project will take my full attention!  That's alright though.  This yarn is good enough to enjoy on my counter for awhile longer.  I'm off to buy some knitting needles the size of toothpicks.  Wish me luck...


  1. beautiful yarn! lucky girl.
    (p.s. 2nd sleeve of argyle cardi ALMOST done)

  2. @ Michelle ~ It seems like you might be done for Christmas after all! I can't wait to see it!!!...will you post it on Ravelry?

  3. i am going to finish the beast. BUT i just started the right front. then i have the left front, seaming/finishing and the collar to do. we'll see how it goes. ................. yes, when it is done it will be on my ravelry. can't wait to see the snow pics.

  4. @ Michelle ~ Argh! The neverending project! I can't wait to see the snow pics too! I left my camera...somewhere? I'm so nervous! I'm pretty sure it's in my dad's trailer, but it's probably buried (in it's case, thankfully!) under mountains of wet and muddy motorcycle gear. :-| I am anxiously awaiting a phone call this morning, after the cleaning out, to say it's safe and sound and I can come get it. Fingers crossed.