Friday, January 28, 2011

Darn It

I found out a couple of weeks ago that I've been ALL WRONG when I put TWO SPACES after a period when I type. Did you know this? It is how I learned to type, from Mr. Moyer, at my high school during senior year. It's how I've always typed.

I have written three sentences in the above paragraph; my thumb automatically tap-tapped the space bar after each period, and I then pressed BACKSPACE once to adjust it. Just happened again. And again.

What are you doing, currently or in the future? (Just did it again.) Have you always been a single spacer, or are you trying to retrain yourself, or do you not care at all?

Also on my mind lately:  the number of times I've read "I hope he's okay" when referencing Steve Jobs stepping down from Apple for "medical reasons". That would be:  zero times. I've heard that zero times. I've heard lots about stock prices and the future of gadgets as we know it, and operations flow charts, and all kinds of things that I guess people think are very important, but I've yet to read a single "here's to a speedy recovery, Steve". (Just did it again.) (aaannndddd....just went back and edited out an additional 5 double spaces. People, please schedule an intervention.)


  1. I learned the two-space thing in high school too, but I always thought it was a stupid rule, so I never followed it. Yep, that's me, the rule-breaker. :)

  2. I learned the "two-space thing" in high school, too. Kelly said it changed during the time she was doing her doctorate- some time between '95 and '04 so the APA can sell more style books. Moose

  3. i do double spaces, as i was taught. i think it is better. but now i suppose anything goes. (i double space but use all lower case - i never liked to shift)

  4. OK Mia, I double space and until reading Moose's comment had no idea it was changed. I am not going to change. Mr. Vickers taught me how to type and he did it well:-) That double space was for you Mr. Vickers!

  5. ha! I love how rebellious you all are! Settled then; I WILL NOT be bullied into single spacing!