Sunday, January 30, 2011

Plan for Success

This weekend started out sunny, me cheerful,
and has ended rainy, me sour.  

Slowly but surely, my energy and patience was sapped out
over the last 48 hours.

My adorable children, my long-suffering husband, my precious puppy...everybody is lucky they made it out of this weekend alive, to be completely honest.
Still, the weekend wasn't a total bust. 
Homemade ice cream is delish!

And I made some serious headway on some big projects around the house.  In fact, so many people start off January with big plans for getting organized that I've decided to share my secret.  Let's say you have some looming issue that needs to be dealt with.  Maybe, hypothetically, of course, it's 9 loads of laundry, or a living room full of cupboards and drawers that haven't been cleaned out or even been usable for the past two years.  Hypothetically, you understand.  But let's say "you" find yourself in need of a plan for tackling this issue...try mine:

1.  Stand up.  (Do not skip this step.)
2.  Walk over to the offending area, and pick something up.
3.  Either throw it away or put it away.
4.  Repeat step 3 until the area is cleared.

BAM!  I'm a genius.


  1. Mia, that is so much better than my method. Have big plans and lots of energy. Take everything out of the offending cupboards, closets, or room. Figure out what to do with about half before "you" lose interest/energy for the project. Remnants of the project sit for weeks documenting my failure to finish...

    Yes. Yours is much more ingenious!

  2. You are not just a genius Mia, you should write a book!!! Wish I lived closer because I love to fold laundry, no kidding ask Kelly. I like the whole process of laundry:) I am really good (at this time of my life) about throwing things away too. I went from a 5 bedroom home to my apartment here and the secret is "don't be sentimental about material stuff". Keep those memories in your heart. I just read this and man do I sound stuffy.LOL Loving my pillow and all the love you put into making it. It will remain a visible part of my life for a long long time:)

  3. Love the plan! I'll have to give it a go. :)

  4. Step #3, Niiiiccce!! I can attest to about 5 or 6 "piles" Kelly has started. :) Moose

  5. LOL that WILL's the first step that baffles me.

  6. @Kelly ~ Oh, believe me, I have plenty of experience with this other 'system'! I've destroyed my whole house in the name of cleaning out a closet. :)

    @Betty ~ You and me both. What is so dang satisfying about LAUNDRY? My mom is the same way. The whole world could be going to hell in a handbasket, and you'd find her, fluffing and folding, probably humming. haha! I am so happy that you are enjoying your pillow; I truly enjoyed making it for you!

    @Carmen ~ ha! You know where it *really* comes in handy? A classroom. cough

    @Moose ~ Poor baby. We should get you and Erik together to commiserate over pancakes and coffee!

    @ Linda ~ I hear ya, sister, I hear ya. I have to put down my list-making pencil long enough to get something done so I can strike it off my list! LOL

  7. I think you need to write a book. Your system is actually doable.