Monday, January 3, 2011

No Butter

You won't believe this, but after ALL THAT, we still haven't settled on a name!  My mom (HILARIOUSLY) told me that her animals "just name themselves; after a while, a name will just come to you."  Oh, really, mother?  Your cats, "Mr. Gray and White Kitty" and "Fat Black Cat", their names just "came to you"?  You're a creative genius.

It almost doesn't matter what we name her, since we call her something different every day.  puppy wuppy.  cutie mccurly pie.  kitty.  girly-girl.  NO!  puppers.  The list is endless.  We tried every name you gave us, plus Tommy tried "Brack" (for brown and black together) and Scotty tried "Miss Brie" (his teacher's name) and we even tried Holly (because we got her on Christmas), and Snowball (because that's funny!), but, not so much.

But you know what's sticking?  You know what Scotty, in particular, insists we call her?  Popcorn.  POPCORN.  Come here Popcorn!  Get down, Popcorn!  I love you, Popcorn!  Who's the cutest pup?  Popcorn!  Tell me it's better than Spock?  Humor me?

Can I tell you, I did not even realize how much I wanted a puppy.  This puppy is my buddy.  I don't want to boast or brag, but this dog is THE BEST.  I mean it!  Her second night, we put her in a crate.  She yipped for 5 minutes.  I got up in the middle night and let her out for a ...stroll...then put her back in the crate.  She yipped for 5 minutes. 

The next night, she went into the crate, turned twice and fell asleep.  By the third day with the crate, she puts herself to bed during the middle of the day, and sleeps all night in the crate with no complaining at all.

I am in love with this dog!  Erik just shakes his head, but I know my happiness makes him happy.  :)

For future reference, so when I vent about this ludicrous animal it doesn't seem to come out of left field, here are some things I do NOT love about my pup:  alligator sharp teeth (ow), coming INSIDE to crap (grrr), shoe chewing (no!), completely spaz-tastic for 10% of the time.  She sleeps 85% of the time, so let's just say...this first year is going to be rough.  :)


  1. She looks like a little school girl in this picture. So cute!!! For some reason when I first saw the pic in this post I thought she looked like a "Clementine". I just want to cuddle her!

    Tracy :)

  2. One of my *favorite* books when I was little was about Popcorn, a little white frou-frou dog that wanted to be a firehouse dog. They told him he was too little and that he didn't have spots like a REAL firedog (dalmatian), but then he road the firetruck to a fire anyway, helped save a little girl, and emerged from the fire with sooty black spots that made him look like a REAL firedog.

  3. Published June 1, 1968!

  4. Did your father name you? I can't stop giggling about your mom's cat's names! That is TOO funny. :o)

    Your puppy is so cute. La

  5. She is so cute! I think Popcorn is a great name. I also think you're lucky your mom didn't name you something like Hey You. :)

  6. So cute! I want one! Doesn't matter what what she's called, it'll stick after a while and fit.

  7. @JD ~ Oh my, you know I just love everything about that story. Everything! Thanks for the share, I'll definitely read the book with the kids. Even though her name TODAY is Lego. Save me.

    @La ~ ha! My father did! That's a whole other ridiculous story, but yes. He named me a name nobody has EVER called me, because he immediately called me Mia ("mine" in Spanish). Fine by me, my mom probably would have called me "brown haired girl". haha

    @Carmen ~ ha!

    @Linda ~ Oh, she is! She really is! And I have to agree with matter how ridiculous the name seems at first, eventually we won't be able to imagine her as anything else. :)

  8. I love Popcorn - so cute!! My Grannie's dogs were always names like "Blackie" and "Brownie" and "Bull" - yep, you guessed it, he was a bull dog. :)