Sunday, February 27, 2011

What they do to my heart....

I don't have time to deal with my camera card, but the following is worth noting from the weekend:

1.  Scotty came into my room, and asked me, "Do you want something to drink?"  I really wasn't thirsty, but I've learned that it's best to just say, "Yes, please!" to him when he's offering food or drink.  He likes to be busy in the kitchen, and getting a cup of milk or apple juice is so pleasing to him that he can't let it go.

I heard him bumping around in the kitchen, then heard a small splash as something spilled on the floor.  A minute later, he showed up with a glass of red wine, in a goblet and all!  ha! 

2.  Erik's dad passed away just over two years ago now, and Scotty asks him about "his dad" often.  Scotty and Erik are extremely close.  When he senses that Erik is feeling sad, he tells him, "I know you're missing your daddy.  I'll be your daddy, okay?  And you can be my daddy.  Then we both have a daddy."  
Honestly, sometimes?  It's just too much.


  1. That's so sweet. Sad and sweet.

  2. i am teary (do i always say that?)
    (we got to travel business class!)

  3. Scotty, you're a real man! Moose

  4. OMG - love the wine story... you lush!
    And what a sweet exchange between S and E. Love it!

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  6. @Juls ~ Yes, it's both. Life is so sweet and sour, I declare it so. aaaannnnnnddddd... what up boston?!?!? :)

    @Michele ~ You do! You always say that! I think we need to verify you aren't preggo...hormones ahoy? ;) And I can't believe your munchkins went business class! I've NEVER traveled anything but coach! Of course, my daddy wasn't racking up frequent flier miles. haha Can't wait to see you!

    @Moose ~ The boys LOVED the letter that came in the mail! More on that, later, I'm sure. :)

    @Tra ~ OMG It was too too too funny when he tried to get me a glass of red wine on Tuesday MORNING too! "are you thirsty mommy??" with his eyebrows wiggling and a little grin. lol

    @Jack ~ sorry buster. ;)

  7. So sweet! I got teary on that last one. So much for me to look forward too!!

  8. Teary eyed over here WEEKS later when I have finally caught up enough to read it. I don't let belatedness get me down ;-)

  9. @Pamela ~ thank you doll, and you've been on my mind with your dad, too. lots of good thoughts heading to Texas!!! xoxo