Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is It Wrong?

I'm testing a theory. I've been working on a handsewn quilting project. I'm appliqueing the individual blocks with a "botanical" theme, and I worry that it will turn out badly because a) I just learned how to do this applique thing, like, five minutes ago and b) you haven't seen anything until you've watched me try to pick the fabric for this project. The amount of brain cells I burned trying to figure out which colors, which shades of which colors, and which patterns of which shades of colors, would go together? It's not a good scene.

So, my theory was, when I get enough blocks done, the mistakes I've made in sewing and color choices will be imperceptable to the naked eye. Here are the first three blocks, which have a similar flower shape and are all done in shades of purple.

I can see now that, once again, I was right. haha I'm really happy with how they look together! What a relief!

The next set of three have daisy-like petals (instead of the posey-like petals of the previous trio) and they will be done in shades of blue. Again, when I look at this, I have to think, you know, "not so much". But I'm going with my theory, and I'll withhold judgment until I have the whole set of three complete.

Now. Tell me. Is it wrong? Is it wrong that one of the reasons I like this project so much (in addition to the meditative qualities of the sewing itself, and the gratification of a large project with so many mini-milestones) is because it's housed in this wee little basket? Do you have any idea how happy it makes me to grab this box, Little Red Riding Hood style, and go skipping off to wherever, knowing I have everything I need to pass a few minutes working?

And, also, is it wrong that one of the great joys I get from this basket is the clown car quality of the never-ending stream of supplies that it houses?

This is my 'kit' that I put together. All of this fits in my basket, which is roughly the size of two loaves of bread.

I keep wet-wipes, so I can get the peanut butter and jelly off my hands before I touch my blocks. I have a gallon ziplock bag full of threads, scissors, needles (still wrapped), and toothpicks (for tucking fabric). The thimble and pin cushion are crucial. The pin cushion holds stick pins, for piece placement, and also several needles.

I have all my blocks that I prepared ahead of time (15 of them) and all 15 patterns, ready to be transferred onto the blocks with a pencil, roughly sketched, so I know where to place my fabric pieces.

Optimus Prime is not optional. Everybody needs something to do if I want to get two minutes of sewing in.

I prepared all the fabric I'll need for the whole project, each set in it's own baggie, labeled and ready to be trimmed for sewing. I also made, for the first time ever, my own 1/4" bias tape! I made it in different shades of green, and I need it for the 'stems' of the flowers.

I am pretty sure that the preparation for this project will end up representing about 60% of the energy output for the final product. Another 10% of my energy goes toward staring at, and admiring, my basket.


  1. Mia, my dear girl, no one can ever have enough baskets. No matter what they are used for...Have no fear... baskets are a good thing...

  2. I love your basket!!! You are far too organized for me. Of course that is why I spend 75% of my time going after things I need:) I think the purple squares are beautiful. I am anxious to see the blue ones finished. Go Mia Go!!!

  3. So smart! I totally understand the "10% of my energy admiring my basket" thing. I regularly admire things just like that. :)

  4. hehe All the basket love! :) It makes my heart so full....

    For Betty ~ I'm headed off on a business trip next week, and my family is staying home (!) so I'm hoping to have a super update on this project when I come back! Fingers crossed. :)