Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Makes Me Want to Wag My Tail!

Oh dear. Can I tell you what came in the mail? This absolutely heavenly scarf and hat set made from handspun cashmere.

Oh, stop it.

Forgive me, but I have to suggest that you check out my friend Pamela's etsy shop. (Michelle, I think this one screams for you, and Maia, this is the one I think of for you!)

I've been wearing the scarf every day to work, and I can't tell you how many people have complimented me...especially on the color. I had originally thought I wanted a 'true baby pink', but Pamela wrote to let me know it was more 'coral', and not only was she right, but virtually every person I pass pauses just long enough to tell me how flattering the color is on me. They also insist on rubbing the scarf, which, whether they're trying to feel my boob or admire the cashmere, really, who could blame them either way? Go on, then.

It's funny, because you would think, being a 'maker' and all, that I would never purchase a hat and scarf set! I mean, look at this: three scarves I am making as we speak! The turquoise and purple were crocheted in lion brand chenille (poorman's cashmere, I suppose, since it's also soft! haha) for my nieces (matching hats to come!). Simple pattern below ** The red is knitted in a 2x2 ribbed pattern, for my cousin. Size 9 needles with a basic Bernat afghan yarn.

But, as a maker, I appreciate this scarf and cap even more than the average consumer, would be my guess. Handspun cashmere from Scotland? I do not doubt that I would not be able to purchase the fiber for what I paid for the set. Let alone that Pamela's husband is able to create these with machine knitting...seriously, 8 inches wide, 6 feet long, with cables, on what appears to be size 2 needles (picture knitting with toothpicks, my friend, and you'll be getting close)? It would be impossible for me to estimate how long it would take me to make this set, but what I can tell you is that I am sure I'm getting close when I say that there would be no few than 6 dropped stitches and at least a half dozen other mistakes visible to the naked eye.

I LOVE this scarf and hat!

I bought it to 'treat myself' to a little birthday present last week, and, perfectly so, my dear friend Monica made this quilted carry-all bag for me too. It's now a complete matching set, and while I admit that these aren't the most wintery colors I've ever seen, they are just the bright bit of sunshine that gets me through the dreary days of December.

Happy sigh!

** To make a simple scarf with this nice 'pebbly' effect, similar to seed stitch in knitting, it was easy to alternate single and double crochet stitches all the way across. These are started with 11 chains and a P hook. SC in second chain from hook, DC in next chain, SC in next chain, all the way across (ends with DC). Chain one, turn. (Chain one counts as first SC for the row, so skip the DC that ended the previous row and begin working in the next stitch, which is a SC). DC into each SC, SC into each DC, all the way across. Repeat! Can of corn. The general rule of thumb, by the way, when making a scarf, is to make the length the same as the height of the wearer. For my nieces (2nd grade and kindergarten) the scarves are each around 4 feet long. Each took one skein of Chenille "thick and quick" yarn.


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