Monday, December 7, 2009

:: Making Me Smile ::

:: Tommy yelling, "You got pwned by a baby!!!" when Scotty was sassing Erik.

:: Tommy and Scotty sitting in front of a fire tonight...Tommy was explaining that Santa would be coming down the fireplace, and this is how it happens, and then he eats some cookies, and he leaves us presents....and Scotty listening intently, nodding, picturing it all, I'm sure.

:: Burgermeister Meisterburger

:: Snow! Snow! All over Mission Peak and the Santa Cruz mountains! Snow from Berkeley to Walnut Creek to Danville to Pleasanton and Fremont too! It's SO COLD here! Every time I walk outside, it feels like I'm camping. :) (And I don't just mean this in the "I'm-a-pansy-California-girl" kind of way, either. :P )

:: Putting up our tree and enjoying the dozens of ornaments adorning the edge, just exactly where little arms can stretch to.


  1. Snow on Mt. Toro, too. A great view from the front windows! Did you get any at your house or are you high enough?

  2. Kelly, I TOTALLY thought of you and Moose when I saw Mission Peak...not even PEAK, it was all the way down to MC Hammer's house. haha! haha! MC Hammer's house! I'm funny! :P Anyway, I SO wish I had my camera with me...beautiful! Really stunning. It's funny, but we didn't get any snow or even ice. It rained all night, and we're on the bay, so it didn't get cold enough. We were dry last night so I'm sure we're iced over on the cars this morning. The hard freeze areas are more inland ~ the valleys, where my mom lives, all the way down to the southbay. We just have milder, even-er temps, in general, due to the bay. Still...34 this morning! I'll check the pond and make sure my koi aren't little popsicles, and I'll need to cover a few plants, but that's so unusual for us!