Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Title

I was looking forward to going through some pictures (several hundred!) and recording a few CRAZY CUTE stories (in my humble opinion, of course! ;) from my kiddos...but instead, I'm getting ready to escort my mom up to the ICU, fingers crossed but preparing for the worst. Heavy sigh. Wish us luck, if Mimi doesn't bounce back from this, I can only tell you...well. I have no words for that. Better news and happier mood, I'm hoping, from the other side.


  1. all my best thoughts for you and your family. xox

  2. Thanks, Brit and Michelle! It was better than I could have expected, and she's hanging in there. There's no way she'll be home for Christmas, so that sucks (that's a direct-quote from her 20 year old grand daughter...haha!) but I have my fingers crossed that they'll stabilize her blood pressure and she can heal and get back to chemo. Sigh. Nothing's easy, right now, for sure!